John M. Fasano:
Screenwriter, Director, Producer

Feature Films:

Another 48 Hrs -

starring Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte; Directed by Walter Hill. Screenplay; $150 Million worldwide theatrical. Paramount Pictures
Alien 3

Starring Sigourney Weaver and Charles Dutton. Directed by David Fincher. Screenplay. 20th Century Fox
Darkness Falls

starring Emma Caulfield. Producer/Screenplay. Revolution/SONY

starring Harvey Keitel and Andie MacDowell. Producer. Canal Plus/LionsGate

starring Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer. Directed by George Cosmatos. Producer/Screenplay. Disney/Hollywood Pictures
Rapid Fire

starring Brandon Lee and Powers Boothe. Producer. 20th Century Fox.

starring Michael York and Michel Biehn. Screenplay. Generation Productions

starring David LaHaye and Aurielien Recoing.
Universal Soldier The Return

starring Jean Claude Van Damme and Michel Jai White. Screenplay. Sony/Columbia Pictures
Sniper: Reloaded

starring Billy Zane. Screenplay. Sony/Screengems
Hostel Part III

Screenplay. Sony/Screengems.
Sniper 5: Kill Zone - 

Screenplay. Sony 2013

Saints Row - 

Screenplay Funimation 2013

Streets Of Blood -

starring Val Kilmer and Sharon Stone. Screenplay. NuImage
Universal Soldier 3

starring Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren. Sony.

Television Films
Hannah's Law -

Starring Danny Glover, Billy Zane, Sara Canning,

and Kimberly Elise. Hallmark Movie Channel 2012.

The Eleventh Victim -

starring Jennie Garth and Meta World Peace. Lifetime 2012.

Capture Of The Green River Killer -

starring Tom Cavanaugh. Lifetime 2008
A Family Lost 

starring Cynthia Gibb and Dan Roebuck. Director. Lifetime 2007
The Holiday Switch

starring Nicole Eggert. Producer. Lifetime 2007
The Legend Of Butch & Sundance

Rachelle Lefevre, Michael Biehn. Showtime 2006
Firestorm Last Stand At Yellowstone

starring Scott Foley A&E Channel 2006
Jesse Stone: Stone Cold

starring Tom Selleck and Mimi Rogers  CBS 2005
Murder At The Presidio

Lou Diamond Phillips & Jason Priestley. USA Network 2005
Cool Money

starring Margot Kidder and James Marsters. USA Network 2005
Ladies Night 

starring Paul Michael Glaser and Colin Ferguson. USA Network 2005
Rapid Fire: The Norco Shootout

starring Jason Gedrick. Producer  USA Network 2005
Saving Jessica Lynch

starring Laura Regan and Michael Rooker   NBC 2005
The Hunley

starring Armand Assante and Donald Sutherland. Screenplay; TNT
Mean Streak

Starring Scott Backula and Leon. Screenplay;Showtime
The Hunchback

(WGA Nominated Best Teleplay) -

starring Richard Harris, Salma Hayek and Mandy Patinkin. Producer/Screenplay TNT
Television Series
Woke Up Dead -

starring Jon Heder, Kristen Ritter.  Wayne Knight and Jean Smart. Sony Krackle
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

starring Mark Decascos. Director. CW Channel

starring Allie Walker and Julian McMahon. NBC

starring Kevin Dobson and Carrie-Anne Moss. FOX

Horror Cult Classics

Rock 'n Roll Nightmare -

starring Thor. Shapiro Entertainment
Black Roses

starring John Martin, Ken Swofford and Sal Viviano. SEG Entertainment
The Jitters

Starring Andrea Roth, Marilyn Tokuda  and James Hong. Gaga Japan.